The clean-up was pretty easy, just pull out whatever mess was in there and assess the remains.







Back to a clean slate, I set about cleaning out the dust and debris, checking out the coin-mech and seeing if my G25 would fit somewhere.
The plan is to keep it authentic by re-using the original wheel or replacing it with same (its pretty knackered), keeping the existing Traffolyte dash, shifter paddles and paint.
There was no cover for the hole in the top (other than a warped piece of MDF someone had hurriedly cut out and sprayed black) and I knew I would have to make a new one so it didn’t really matter if the G25 was a tad too high or something, but after some experimentation it looked like I’d be able to squeeze it in there and avoid any unnecessary bulges.

I inspected the available space for power, PC, fans if required, cabling, dash enhancements, a shifter, motion platform, adjustable size for nonadjustable (and growing) people and made a short-list of work that was realistically achievable within a ‘time-frame’. I’m talking no longer than a year here and the nine-year old was already cutting that down to a couple of weeks so the pressure was on.
“Do you think it will be ready soon? What about the enduro in a couple of weeks, will it be ready? Can I have the first drive? <excited chuckle> Oh man this is so cool!”

Oh Boy.

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